About Us

Bamboo Technical Support Group – Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (BTSG-ICFRE), Dehradun constituted under National Agroforestry and Bamboo Mission (NABM: earlier named as National Bamboo Mission-NBM) is functioning at ICFRE Headquarters under the Directorate of Research.  BTSG-ICFRE is supporting the efforts of NABM to promote bamboo sector in the country through the expertise available in the Council and research base of its Institutes available at the National level.
Department of Agricultural and Cooperation (DAC), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India has been implementing the centrally sponsored scheme – National Agro forestry and Bamboo Mission under the Mission of Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH).  This mission envisages promoting holistic growth of bamboo sector by adopting area-based, regionally differentiated strategy and to increase the area under bamboo in potential areas with improved varieties for enhancing yield.  It also envisages promoting marketing of bamboo based handicrafts. 
To achieve the objectives of the mission, efforts are being made by BTSG-ICFRE in the direction to have over all information on bamboo resource and demand at the National level.  Dynamic web portal / database has therefore been designed and developed by BTSG-ICFRE with a view to provide plausible answer to various queries on bamboo resource of the country, which entailed a lot of efforts and extensive deliberations on the subject.  The web portal, so developed, encompasses following attributes:

  • Assessment of area under bamboo plantation
  • Status of bamboo stock in the country, its demand and supply at national / state /division/district level
  • Information about total area under bamboo species, harvesting done, bamboo sold and distributed free of cost under various schemes.
  • Details and type of bamboo plantation carried out under various schemes in the states including those in mixed plantation
  • Status of existing bamboo areas, in states (Natural stand, pure, mixed and scattered and other bamboos such as homestead etc.)
  • Details and type of nurseries existing in states along with their capacities and demands of seedlings/ ramets from the nurseries
  • Occurrence of gregarious flowering in various states and its extent
  • Expected gregarious flowering in the states
  • Details of improvements of bamboo stock under NBM and other schemes
  • Estimation of area under bamboo plantation under the jurisdiction of DCF / State which is outside the administrative records
  • Bamboo based value addition enterprises in states.  Details of bamboo based industries in the states (based on end use) and
  • Average annual demand of bamboo in bamboo based industries in states.